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The *Nixed Report covers technology and topics that have a popular following but are often overlooked or misunderstood and/or misrepresented by traditional media venus.

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Episode 107: Fuck You 2016! AMD IS RYZEN!!!


AMD Ryzen is looking to be interesting as they are attempting to ramp up the competition with Intel. More cores, better memory support, USB 3.1, and more will make it an interesting year. Next year could see the underdog chip maker Ryzen (**cue the groans from the back**).

Some of Shaggy's favorite moments of this year include marriage equality, PokeMon Go, VR becoming mainstream, and comic book movies. Examples include Batman vs Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, and Dr. Strange. He also found the exploding Samsung phones to be amusing.

Some of his least favorite moments include the deaths of Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy (Motorhead), Gene Wilder, and too many more to name......

Thomas gets Curtis's thoughts on this year in a separate segment.



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