Unix and Overlooked Pop Culture

The *Nixed Report covers technology and topics that have a popular following but are often overlooked or misunderstood and/or misrepresented by traditional media venus.

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Episode 121: Celebrating Independence




We ultimately celebrate the 4th of July, because the Declaration of Independence went to the printers on that day and it is the same day that readers saw it for the first time.


For that reason, this show will be centered on being Independent and acting on your own


Ubuntu Mate Edition has been ported to GTK 3. However, X.org will need to be replaced at some point. Martin Wimpress is exploring the possibility of adapting the compositing portion of Mir to support Wayland.


Pop!_OS from System76 is an attempt to have an Ubuntu-based OS that they can have more flexibility in terms of modification.



Overlooked Pop Culture

Total Nonstop Action wrestling is now Global Force Wrestling. The TNA brand has been damaged by mismanagement for a number of years. With the return of Jeff Jarrett at the helm, it seems that GFW will be the official brand name going forward. GFW may very well be a more marketable name at this point.


Atari may be returning to the console business. They were among the early companies to have built on success in the video game industry. Though they stopped making consoles, they continued to put out software for various platforms and still earn some money.





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